1 Find What you love (and let it kill you)

Music Steve Ransome, lyrics Alex Lowe


2 Under Eastern Skies                                                                                 

Steve Ransome                                                                                                

Inspired by and dedicated to the Indian Baha’I temple                                                    

3 As Long As I Need You.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Music Steve Ransome, Lyrics Terry Ransome      


4 Homecoming

Music Steve Ransome, Lyrics Steve and Terry Ransome


5 Peace Moves

Music Steve Ransome, Lyrics Terry Ransome                                      

6 Into The World I Send You                                                                       

Music and lyrics Ray Chaston, Riff Steve Ransome                                                                                            


7 When The Sun Goes Down on Yesterday                                           

Music Steve Ransome, Lyrics Terry Ransome


8 Kiss Today Goodbye                                                                   

Steve Ransome


9 One More Time                                                                            

Music Steve Ransome, Lyrics Terry Ransome


10 We Shall Rise                                                                                              

Music Steve Ransome, Lyrics Alan Mckay                                              


11 Too Many Windy Nights (Lorna Moon)

Steve Ransome


12 Yes I Am Coming With You

Ross Donald and Steve Ransome

A reply to Pat Metheny’s “Are You Coming With Me”


13 Turra Air

Steve Ransome


14 The Other Side of Life

Music Steve Ransome, Lyrics Terry Ransome      


15 Every Single Day

Music Steve Ransome, lyrics Terry Ransome


16 Losin’ the Blues

Music Steve Ransome, Lyrics Terry Ransome      


17 Expectation

Ross Donald and Steve Ransome

Inspired by Richard Oelze’s painting “Expectation”


18 Unseen Souls

Steve Ransome                                                       












Ross Donald: Guitars on Under Eastern Skies; Peace Moves; One More Time; Yes, I Am Coming With You; The other Side of Life; Every Single Day; Losin’ The Blues and Expectation.


Shirley Peterson (Ransome): Acoustic Guitar on As Long As I Need You; When The Sun Goes Down on Yesterday.  Vocal on As Long As I Need You and backing vocals on Too Many Windy Nights.


Sean O’Rourke: Sax on We Shall Rise; Sax and flute on Yes, I Am Coming With You.


Alex Lowe: Electric guitar on When The Sun Goes Down on Yesterday.


Alan McKay: Guitar on We Shall Rise


Ray Chaston: Banjo on Too Many Windy Nights


Davie Cattanach: Percussion on Yes, I Am Coming With You.


Steve Ransome: All other instruments and vocals.


All tracks recorded at RSD Studios Aberdeenshire Scotland.  Produced, arranged and engineered by Steve Ransome.


Photography: Dayna Ransome                                  


“Music was here before I came along and it will be here after I have gone.  I am humbled and privileged to have been a mere channel for music to come through in the short time that I am here” Steve Ransome.


This album is dedicated to my family.  Especially Shirley, Dayna, Christopher and Mum and Dad.


These tracks have been written and recorded over the last thirty years.  I would like to thank the many musicians and many wonderful people who have helped me over my lifetime.  In particular, my dad Terry Ransome and my uncle Ray Chaston who were my earliest influences and inspirations, and my wife Shirley, Ross Donald, Alan McKay, Alex Lowe, Bill Sinclair, Ian Brown, James Fettes and Don Harvey.  They have all helped me to become all that I am.